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It seems that for the past 60 years, Taoist have worshipped alongside Hindus at the Hock Huat Keng Temple and Veeramuthu Muneeswarar temple. They participate in each others rituals to honour the 'friendship' between the Taoist deity Tua Peh Kong and the Hindu deity Muneeswarar. For e.g Both Hindus and Taoist carry milk pots on their heads, to bathe their Gods in a traditionally Hindu,on New Year Day (Jan 1).

According to the temple legend (sort of sthala purana). 60 years ago, a benign tiger started to roam the area. It did not attack the Chinese and the Indian villagers (wonder if it attacked the Muslim Malays). The Taoist God of fortune, Tua Peh Kong entered a Chinese medium during a trance shortly after the tiger's appearance. The Taoist god said He was a 'good buddy' of the Hindu warrior god Muneeswarar,(who is village deity). They had both sent the tiger to protect the villagers.

In response, the Taoist installed a statute of the tiger and invited their Hindu friends to set up a temple for Muneeswarar.

The tiger disappeared mysteriously after a few years. But devotees say they do hear its purrs and growls now and then.

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